The Ever​-​Burning Torch

by Undead Creep



CD version by Dark Descent Records (with Undead Creep Demo 2009); LP version by Iconoclast Records


released July 12, 2011



all rights reserved


Undead Creep Bologna, Italy

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Track Name: Immolated for Reincarnation
Immolated for Reincarnation

Flames of the Netherworld evoked for the rite
Hands of Damnation, they have come for me
The high priest chants the formulas of light
The light of Hell... I shall soon receive

Baptized in fire
Ashes come alive
Carbonized eternity
Immolated for Reincarnation!

Burning skin, flesh consumed by the tongues of hellish fire
Black smoke turns to blood that permeates the air
Glory of new malicious shell
Behold the divine master in the temple of hate!

In the magma of hell
Destined to dominate
There's nothing left
Of my human form
Belial's disciple
I am the ever-burning torch...
Track Name: Surrounded by Tombs
Surrounded by Tombs

Waking up in the anguish, they are near
Thick haze of putridity, lurking fear
Realize they're coming, you're not alone
Breaking free from their sleep, crushing the tombstones

The whole grond is trembling, disease is spread
Hear the insane rattle of the rising dead
Victims they've assaulted now come alive
Figure out the way you're going to die

A celebration of the dead

Severed bodies waiting to be consumed
Human heads lie mangled, reduced to grumes
Newborn beasts are stalking you, escape the horde
Radioactive defuncts craving human gore

Blankly staring at you, decomposed brains
Smell their fetid breath and start to feel the pain
Now you see your future in their eyes
Just a dismembered body, covered with flies
Track Name: Eradicated Memories
Eradicated Memories

Looking straight into a dead end
Felling like losing my brain
I can't understand any longer
Who and what still remain

Hasten not to miss the last chance
The few flashes of my memory
All clues lead to a wrong way
I don't know what's left of me

Eradicated Memories

Colors melt into a black whole
And easily most emotions die
No more contacts with my inner world
It's a constant, perilous lie

Anguish comes first when I wake up
As I never know where I am
Places seems so unfamiliar
Wolves look just like lambs

Eradicated Memories

Pale portrait of my former life
No reason to live or die

In unawareness I'm paralyzed
Can't crush these walls within my mind
Remembrances slip away
I've lost everything but my dismay